Alison Engle

I was born in Seattle and have lived in Washington State my entire life.  I grew up in the
suburbs, spent 20 years living in the foothills of Mt. Baker and now reside on San Juan Island
which is located in the center of the Salish Sea.  Friday Harbor has been my home since 1998.
Like many islanders, I wear many hats when it comes to working. In addition to painting  
whenever I can, I also work as a SSAMN Marine Naturalist for Western Prince Cruises, and
at Luxel Corporation, where we make submicron foil filters for space astronomy missions.

I have had a lifelong passion for the beauty found in the natural world.  Art and design has
always been a part of my life.  Over the years it has taken on many different forms from textiles
to renovations and now to the painted canvas.  I am inspired daily by the beautiful landscapes,
amazing wildlife and the energy of the wind, sea and the earth.  Through my unique stylized
acrylic and oil paintings I hope to share this connection with you.